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Music Tells A Story

This is mine.

My musical journey started with my collaboration with Roach back in 2012. 'Making Billions' that was going to be my number #1 hit and as the title suggests make me some billions, It didn't. that was my first track. that's when we met Jamie O'Connor the owner of Whitelab Records. Not because of our amazing track but through a local youth club called SoundSkills. Although Jamie didn't make rap or grime music himself as he was in a band, he took us under his wing and we create our first professionally recorded track 'Childhood In The Wildhood'. That track stands at like 3k views not too bad.


After this track was released, me and a childhood friend dropped our joint mix-tape under 'Inception X BLKY' entitled 'Change To Be The Same'. Ours follow up E.P then came entitled 'R.A' Real Art. During this time me and Inception had both had children and worked full-time jobs. It made it difficult to meet up as much as we would like. and after a year ... or maybe two years of not releasing a lot of music I finally decided to drop a solo project. In 2016 I released 'Evolved Part One' along with enough tracks and freestyle to rival any artists work rate. I dropped a new video once a week for 6 months!! Now at the beginning of 2019, I have a number of original projects set to release soon. I am working on my production heavily, as well as working with charities to run urban music workshops for local young people. That brings us to now.

To be continued.....

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